Conner Prairie

Good Reasons To Visit Conner Prairie While In Fishers?

Many people choose Fishers his or her weekend getaway destination as it offers numerous attractions, like Fort Harrison State Park, Tuttle Orchards, Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, Flowing Well Park, and a lot of other popular tourist spots. But one attraction that you just shouldn’t miss is Conner Prairie. It is a living history museum that preserves the house of William Conner. This museum is very popular that this made its method to the National Register of Historic Places.

Things to see in Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie hosts various semi-regular events year, but what’s most fascinating will be the permanent attractions. Here are the major spots in and around this museum.

1. Create Connect

This indoor attraction remains open throughout every season. It provides several activities, like testing circuits, building a chain reaction, building a windmill, and building a model plane. Your children will thoroughly enjoy their time here. There is also a small exhibit that shows how wind energy worked in the previous century, rural electrification inside the 1930s, and the way science played a crucial role within the space race between 1950 and 1960.

2. Makesmith Workshop

The theme of Makesmith Workshop changes according to different seasons. As an example, it showcases metalworking in summer, woodworking in spring and fall, and textiles during winter. Children can take part in basic trade activities like hammering in a nail, molding some metal, or sewing a control button. But don’t worry no person gets injured at Makesmith Workshop while they consider safety since their most important priority.

3. Animal Encounters

This is a functioning barn located right over the Conner House. It provides shelter to over eighteen types of goats, cows, chickens, ducks, horses, and sheep. Both children and adults can learn various areas of the barn and exactly how they keep your animals there safely. Also, you can check out how the employees inside the barn collect eggs from chicken, shear sheep, and milk the cows and goats.

4. 1859 Balloon Voyage

Want to make your perfect becoming reality of riding a hot air balloon? Visit 1859 Balloon Voyage where you can have a 15-minutes ride on one of many tethered balloons to some height of nearly 377 feet. This will provide you with a bird’s take a look at Fishers. The balloon is also the world’s largest tethered gas passenger balloon with a gigantic height of 105 feet that could accommodate approximately 20 people. It takes 210,000 cubic feet of helium to hold the balloon floating at this type of great height.

5. 1863 Civil War Journey

The 1863 Civil War Journey documents the longest raid in the Civil War by Morgan Raid. The documentary uses live-action video and interactive activities to provide you with an idea of how Morgan went behind the enemy lines to get them from Indiana.

Now you understand the different activities to do in Conner Prairie, plan your trip soon with the family. The kids will adore every little vacation because of these interesting attractions. Stressed? Just visit this beautiful park, Cheeney Creek Natural Area.

Conner Prairie in Fishers, IN

13400 Allisonville Rd, Fishers, IN 46038, United States