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Fishers Pest Control prides itself in having some of the best Fishers bed bug exterminators. Recently, we’ve been dealing with the increase in Fishers bed bug infestations in both homes and commercial properties around the area. We aren’t exactly positive why this is happening,  but there is a high probability it’s due to used furniture sales (garage sales, craigslist, etc) and even in some cases they are unknowingly brought inside by the owner. You can easily acquire bed bugs while in a different place and then bring them home with you.

Fishers Bed Bug Control

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The idea of bed bugs in your home is likely to make you cringe and you aren’t the only one. They will feast on you while you’re nice and warm, asleep in your bed. Their bite feels like a pinprick so you aren’t likely to notice them sucking away on your blood. They also take advantage of the numbing agent in their saliva to make their bite less noticeable, hence the pinprick-like sensation when they begin to feed. Their bites can leave you itching and scratching and swelling is possible also.

They hide out while you’re up and moving during the day. Where at? Many places are ideal hiding spots for bed bugs in your property including your mattress, box springs, seams of your mattress, your pillowcase, sheets and bedding, any furniture sitting near the initially infested location, wall decor makes a great cover, as do outlet covers.

We encourage you to call our Fishers bed bug control experts when it comes to handling and managing a bed bug invasion. These pests need to be treated professionally if you want to get relief – before you make a sudden decision to toss everything you own out to the curbside, give us a call at (317) 863-3998. This is not always necessary and it’s always recommended that you seek professional advice before making any sudden decisions or judgments. We can come out and perform a bed bug inspection to confirm you have them, then provide your options for eliminating them. If we discover a different pest and no sign of bed bugs, you can opt to have us treat the pest, but either way you will at least know for sure what pest is causing you grief so it can be taken care of.

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