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While many people do not often become worried when noticing beetles on their property, there are reasons to take action against unwanted beetles. Beetles can easily damage different materials throughout a property and some can be rather noisy at night. You might find deceased beetles here and there, or damage to your trees, landscaping, etc.

Fishers beetle control

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Fishers, Indiana Beetles

There are different beetles discovered in Fishers and other surrounding areas. They each pose their own risk and while some are easier to eliminate, others are not. Regardless of what beetle issue you may have our expert Fishers beetle control technicians can help you identify the kind and then provide treatment options.

Asian Lady Beetles in Fishers

Asian lady beetles (aka ladybugs) measure anywhere from 1/32 to 3/8 inch long and are a red/orange color with black spots all over their bodies. Asian lady beetles are actually beneficial in controlling aphids that may be growing on plants but they can be a huge nuisance in the Spring and Fall.

Box Elder Bugs in Fishers

Box elder bugs are a type of beetle measuring 1/2 an inch long, have black coloring with red lines on the wings and consumes seeds and leaves on maple and box elder trees. You will likely notice these beetles if you have those two kinds of trees around you. They take cover during the winter in your home or nearby structures and come out during Spring and Fall.

Carpet Beetles in Fishers

Carpet beetles measure anywhere from 1/16 to 1/8 inch long and multi-colored; white, orange,and black. They have round bodies and can be found near light fixtures because they are very attracted to light. Adult carpet beetles will consume plants while their larvae will eat natural fibers.

Ground Beetles in Fishers

Ground beetles can be a variety of sizes, typically 1/16 up to 3/8 inch long. The majority are black in color but some will feature green on their wings. Per their name, they live in soil and come out at night time to find food. They are also attracted to light so it’s not uncommon to find them around your outdoor light fixtures.

These are the most common beetles discovered in Indiana and our Fishers beetle control exterminators are ready to help you eliminate and protect against future beetles.

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