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Crickets are noisy pests but they can also be very damaging pests to have. They will consume carpet, wood and organic materials. There are a variety of crickets we have been controlling throughout Fishers properties but regardless of the kind of cricket you’re dealing with, our Fishers cricket control experts will help you be free from crickets.

Fishers cricket control

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Camelback Crickets in Fishers

The camelback cricket measures 1/2 to 1/4 inch long and brown in color. They do not have wings and also do not chirp like all other crickets. You will discover this particular kind of cricket in crawl spaces or basements or any area that has a lot of moisture. They will consume fabric so it’s important to take care of them if you do find several in your property.

Field Crickets in Fishers

The field cricket measures 1/2 to 1/8 inch long and are a shiny black color with wings and commonly known to damage crops. They also chirp and can be quite annoying if they find their way inside your home simply due to this excessive chirping. Luckily, even if they find their way in your home they will not survive long.

House Crickets in Fishers

House crickets are a common pest we handle regularly and they measure 3/4 to 7/8 inches long. They are a light brown color and will survive inside a property indefinitely unlike the field cricket. They also constantly chirp so they can be a very disturbing and noisy pest to endure.

Give us a call at (317) 863-3998 if you’re ready to get rid of the annoying crickets that have invaded your home or property. Our Fishers cricket control experts will help you acquire peace and quiet once and for all.

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