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fishers millipede control

Tired of the millipedes on your property? Call (317) 863-3998 and let us handle it!

It’s not uncommon for people to confuse or mistake centipedes for millipedes and vice versa. The best way to distinguish a millipede is to pay attention to the legs. Millipedes have paired legs on all but the first three segments¬†of their body. ¬†They can also range in terms of coloring and even body shape – some are flatter while others more tube-like. And unfortunately, there are certain millipede species that are toxic.

When disturbed millipedes will curl up which is a means for protecting their legs. They breathe air through the tiny holes along the sides of their body. They consume different things but typically prefer fungi, insects and dead plant matter. They will hunt at night for food and enjoy dark places.

Many people despise millipedes and we completely understand which is why offer superior Fishers millipede control solutions. We can help you protect your home or property while exterminating the existing millipedes. Just call (317) 863-3998 to learn more!

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