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Stink bugs are starting to become a more common problem in Fishers and all of Indiana in the recent years as opposed to past years. This seems to be due to a drop in temperatures so the experts believe. Many people are starting to find them in their home and right outside the home simply trying to figure out how to get inside. Our Fishers stink bug control exterminators can help you locate possible entry points and advise on how to fix them.

Stink bugs have flat shells that are hard and white marks on their body and antennae. Stink bugs will seek out a warm environment (your house) and go dormant once inside. How do they get in? Via any small crevice or crack on the exterior of your home.

During the winter time they seek shelter and come out during Spring to start laying eggs. If preventative treatment is not put in place you could expect to see even more the following year.

The best way to keep stink bugs out of your home is sealing up any cracks or crevices and ensuring windows and doors shut tightly and securely. If you have older windows you might put plastic on them during the winter to help keep the stink bugs and other pests out.

While stink bugs won’t bite and pose no risk to humans, they do put off a foul odor that can be very displeasing.

If you’re ready to get relief from the stink bugs invading your property you need to call (317) 863-3998 and let our Fishers stink bug control exterminators come take care of the pests for you.

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