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fishers weevil control

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Weevils are not commonly found inside but if they are it’s simply because they want to find some shelter. The kind of species will determine what the weevil looks like but in Fishers the most common is a dark brown to black color. Some will have scales and others will have shiny hairs. Their long snout is how many identify a weevil.

Dangers of Weevils

Weevils are not a significant threat but will consume plants and crops so if you have a garden or lots of plants you might expect to see weevils at some point.

Superior Fishers Weevil Control

Our Fishers weevil control solutions can help you get relief from unwanted weevils on your property. Prevention is the best way to keep weevils (and other pests) out of your property but we understand this is not always feasible. Whether you want protection from weevils and other Fishers pests or you need help with an existing weevil issue, our Fishers weevil control technicians are ready to help.

Just phone us at (317) 863-3998 today to learn more about our many different pest treatments as well as our preventative/maintenance pest plans.

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